Welcome To The Garchen Stiftung

Buddhism has transformed every culture it has entered, and Buddhism has been transformed by its entry into that culture
Arnold Toynbee

The Garchen Stiftung (Garchen Foundation) is dedicated to the promotion of the teachings and practice of Tibetan Buddhism. The Foundation wants to make a contribution to support the continuity of Tibetan Buddhist religion, philosophy, and literature. The Foundation pursues exclusively non-profit objectives.

The Garchen Foundation is closely connected with the Drikung Kagyu School, an authentic tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

To obtain and help to spread the precious teachings and religious practices associated with them in the West, not only visits of authentic Buddhist masters are essential, but also the construction and maintenance of places for study, meditation and retreats, as well as the dissemination of Buddhist writings. Only through generous support, these goals may be reached and may the prosperity of the Buddhist teachings for future generations be secured.